Why use Zencart?

Zencart provides everything you need for your ecommerce shopping cart web site. Categories, products, pricing, shipping, newsletters, sales etc. are managed by the store owner through the administration area. The shopping cart is set up to receive payments from major credit cards and several payment gateway services are also provided.

Zencart is a popular ecommerce website and there are more than 145,000 live websites in use around the world.

Zencart websites provide the following key features out of the box:

easy installation
multiple language support
multiple customer modes
unlimited category depth
multiple sales and discounts
multiple display modes
XHTML 1.0 compliant template system
so its easier to add your custom design
extra pages
multiple ad banner controller
multiple shipping options
multiple payment options
newsletter manager
discount coupons
gift certificates
featured products
quantity discounts
source code is available
site is built using php and mysql database
thousands of add-ons that can be loaded to your website for enhanced features
we can build custom add-ons for your site to meet your requirements

Contact us today so that we can show you the power of a Zencart website.

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